L-Acoustics LA48a (Lab Gruppen FP6400) amplifier

L-Acoustics LA48a (Lab Gruppen FP6400) amplifier

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Warranty: In house 3 month from date of purchase RAT Warranty (any issues, send back and we will replace)

The LA48a is a compact, light-weight power amplifier (2 rack units high, 23 lbs approx) designed for high performance touring and fixed installation.

Primarily intended for powering V-DOSC and SB218 subwoofers, the LA48a is capable of providing up to 2900 watts per channel into 2 ohms. The LA48a can also be configured to match the power delivered to a wide range of impedance loads using Minimum Load Select (MLS) switches, allowing the amplifier to be customized to suit a variety of L-ACOUSTICS loudspeaker models and applications.

 The LA48a is completely short-circuit protected (even for reactive loads) and specially designed short-circuit protection circuitry allows very high peak currents while holding transistors within their "Safe Operating Area". This makes it possible to run loudspeakers with impedance variations that are considerably lower than the rated impedance of the power amplifier. Six more protection circuits protect the LA48a and the loudspeakers: DC Protection : Two types of D.C. protection - fuses on the supply branches of each channel (IEC 65 requirement) and crowbar type protection that shorts the output. Thermal Protection : Protects the amplifier from overheating and causing damage to the output stages. Clip Limiter : Prevents severely clipped waveforms from reaching the loudspeakers while maintaining full peak power. VHF (Very High Frequency) Protection : Protects the loudspeaker against non-musical signals outside the audible frequency range. AC Protection : Shuts down the outputs if the line voltage is outside the operating voltage of the LA48a. AFS Limiter (Adaptive Fuse Saver) : Limits the mains current to a safe level according to the time lag of an 16 ampere slow blow fuse. All electronics are mounted on four modules that are easily accessible for repair or replacement.