Stealth Sonics Custom IEM from Stealth Sonics

Stealth Sonics Custom IEM from Stealth Sonics

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Product Description

Custom In-Ear-Monitor from Stealth Sonics

Choose between the C2, C4 or C9 IEM and get them custom fitted to accommodate your ear's second bend, something most other IEMs do not address.

Stealth Sonics 2-driver, 4-driver, and 9-driver IEMs also come as custom-molded systems (see below regarding custom impressions). The sound fundamentals of the acoustic engineering and audiology have proven that our process allows your custom IEMs to conform to precisely to your your inner ear canal and provide unparalleled isolation (up to -36dB), superior fidelity, minimal acoustic interference and perfect fit.

For the ultimate in personalization, you can choose from dozes of colors and accessories and also feature your custom artwork to express your unique style and brand. All custom IEMs feature either a duel or triple bore sound aperture. Stealth Sonics finishes are highly-polished, seamless unibody design. All custom-fit IEMs come with a 30 day refit policy.

Custom In-Ears from Stealth Sonics include ear impression from approved providers. Contact Rat Sales at to schedule your appointment.