WallCAT - Wall Mounted Audio Transport

WallCAT - Wall Mounted Audio Transport

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Product Description


Send audio and data from one room to another using installed shielded Cat5 cable and SoundTools Wall CATs. These durable aluminum wall units fit standard 4" electrical junction boxes to provide easy conversion to and from Cat5 cable to four channels of XLR, DMX or COM lines.

The SoundTools Wall CAT is an easy-to-install 2 gang wall plate with 4 XLR connections that utilizes installed shielded Cat5e, Cat6, or Cat7 cable to transmit superior audio and COM signals to multiple locations.

  • no soldering required, all connections included
  • mounts in USA standard 4" electrical junction box
  • professional-looking brushed aluminum in black or silver
  • 4 XLR ins or outs and 2 RJ45 connections (in and thru)

SoundTools is committed to the design and manufacture of professional grade audio equipment, whether it's used on a festival stage, in a concert hall, or in your office building. With the SoundTools Wall CAT, we set out to create a superior XLR wall plate for sending and receiving audio and COM through shielded CAT cables.

Not all wall plates are created equally. Unlike other brands, our wall plates require no soldering to install. Every connection you need, including 4 Neutrik XLR connectors in front and 2 Amphenol RJ45 connections in back, come pre-installed and clearly labeled. Because of our commitment to consistent, high-quality audio and COM signals, WallCATs are designed to keep strong, stable connections. Our high-quality brushed aluminum and stainless steel mounting screws (included) are resistant to rust and most wear-and-tear.

SoundTools Wall CATs require shielded (STP/FTP) Cat cable to function properly. They are compatible with 48-volt phantom power. Using several SoundTools WallCATs and our SuperCAT cable in your building installation will allow you to run four channels of clear audio and COM signals from one room to another or to multiple rooms at once. Combine with our CAT Box, CAT Rack, and/or CAT Tails for the ultimate audio-over-Cat5 experience.

Perfect for:
  • recording studios
  • hotels
  • office buildings
  • conference rooms
  • churches

SoundTools CAT branded products REQUIRE shielded CAT5/6/7 cable.
Purchase SoundTools SuperCAT Lite etherCONcable here and select RJ45 option for SoundTools WallCAT.