3-Way Mic Switcher

3-Way Mic Switcher

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Product Description


3 In 1 Out - Microphone Selection Switch

  • Easily switch between 3 microphones (Simply plug in three mics and easily select between them by rotating the make before you break rotary switch)
  • Four 5' cables terminated with Neutrik connectors
  • Monitor engineer can switch to the spare vocal mic(s) without using a spare board channel.
  • 5'Fan with 3x Female XLR and 1x Male XLR end.
  • Built rugged in the USA.
  • Machined aluminum with the full SoundTools guarantee.
The Mic Switcher enables the user to choose between three microphones without using a spare board channel. Its comprised of four XLR cables terminated to rugged rotary switch and aluminium barrel.

The Mic Swapper utilizes a low noise "make before break" switch though it is not silent and a click or pop may be heard. For most applications the pop is not an issue but for critical uses,muting the channels before switching is recommended