CAT Rack

CAT Rack

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Product Description


The SoundTools CAT Rack is a rack mount stage box capable of delivering up to 12 channels of audio and data from XLR or DMX sources over three CAT cable lines. Fully passive, these all-analog stage boxes are customizable to deliver the best in audio and data without interference or signal loss.

The SoundTools CAT Rack brings audio-over-Cat5 functionality to your rack with our reverse-mountable unit.
  • Run 12 channels of audio or COM through 3 Cat5e cable lines
  • Manufactured for reliability with touring in mind
  • 12 male or female XLR connections, 6 etherCON connections
  • Custom configurations available on request
  • Fits in 1U rack slot

One of our main goals at SoundTools is to create useful and quality tools for every Sound Human's toolbox. Every product we design is meant to solve or simplify issues we personally face while on tour or at festivals with world-class performers, and we pass that experience on to you with our RATCAT series of products. We want you to go into your next event with the confidence that your tools are going to be easy to set up and tear down and will work perfectly every time, even in the sometimes harsh realities of live or studio environments.

With that in mind, we created the SoundTools CAT Rack. We wanted a unit that would allow us to run audio and data lines through Cat5, Cat6, or Cat7 cable, one of the most efficient and reliable ways to handle audio and COM. We also wanted a unit that was like our CAT box stage box, but could be rack-mounted. But we also wanted to be able to mount it either way, so we made it quick and easy to reverse the mounting brackets.

The SoundTools CAT Rack is the ultimate in rack-mounted XLR-to-Cat stage boxes. Twelve XLR ins or outs (call us for custom builds) line one side of the unit, and 3 pairs of etherCon ins and outs (6 connections total) are on the other side. CAT Racks are all-analog and designed with machined anodized aluminum and stainless steel screws for ultimate durability. When used with shielded Cat5e cable or better, the CAT Rack allows for the use of phantom power. 

The SoundTools CAT Rack fits in a 1U slot. CAT Racks can be daisy-chained and combined with our SuperCAT cables, CAT Boxes and CAT tails for fully customizable snakes with multiple drop locations.

Custom Option: Now available with both male and female sections. Select gender for A, B, and C sections.

SoundTools CAT branded products REQUIRE shielded CAT5 CAT5e CAT6 or CAT7 cable.
Purchase SoundTools cable here.

CAT Rack etherCON Wiring diagram