The CAT Rack

SoundTools - The CAT Rack

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Product Description

The CAT Rack

SoundTools brings the CAT Box Stage Box to your rack. With 12 XLR inputs or outputs (call us for custom configurations) over 3 shielded CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6 or CAT7 cables.

Audio Over CAT5 Rack - Send or receive up to twelve audio lines down 3 shielded CAT5/6/7 cables.

  • Compatible with balanced analog, AES/EBU, DMX, and Clear-Com signals
  • Made of Anodized Aluminium to prevent rust
  • Supports phantom power
  • Reversible mounting brackets

The CAT Rack consists of twelve Neutrik xlr connectors and 6 Neutrik etherCONs. The twelve channels are broken down into three sets of four channels marked A, B, and C which are transported down a shielded CAT5 cables. Each line can carry balanced analog, AES/EBU, DMX, and Clear-Com signals hundreds of feet away. The CAT Rack is fully passive unit which can be input directly into analog or digital consoles. Multiple CAT Racks can be daisy chained to allow the same channels to be dropped in multiple locations. Available in custom four channel all male or all female orientations.

Attach the XLR cable ends to your audio channels. Insert the etherCON cable into the appropriate four channel input or thru marked A, B, or C. Pair with an additional CAT Rack, CAT Box, CAT Rack, or WallCAT to send and receive four lines of balanced audio.

SoundTools CAT branded products REQUIRE shielded CAT5 CAT5e CAT6 or CAT7 cable.
Purchase SoundTools SuperCAT Lite etherCONcable here.