SoundTools SuperCAT Tail BUNDLE with FREE Neutrik Coupler

SoundTools SuperCAT Tail BUNDLE with FREE Neutrik Coupler

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Product Description

LIMITED TIME BUNDLE - SuperCAT Sound Tails CAT Tail breakout!

For a limited time purchase a SoundTools SuperCAT Sound Tails XLR male unit and CAT Tails XLR female and get a FREE Neutrik NE8FF coupler.

Quickly deploy a 4 channel breakout using the AES ready snake system from SoundTools. Use the included etherCON with a shielded CAT5e cable to make a custom length audio snake

The SuperCAT Sound Tails implement a male cable mount etherCON on one end, terminating to four XLR 3-pin connectors on the other end. The SuperCAT Tails can be directly plugged into SoundTools CAT Tails forming a disconnectable four channel male-to-female cable or to create four channel adaptors of differing genders and connector types.

CAT Tails are all-black, all-analog units with clear, laser-etched numbers 1-4 on each tail. We chose the best in entertainment grade Neutrik connectors and AES3 grade cabling, and then housed the connections in ultra-rugged machined anodized aluminum that is so tough we have a lifetime guarantee.

The SuperCAT Tails and CAT Tails are compatible with all the products in the SoundTools Audio over CAT family, including the SoundTools CAT Box, CAT Rack, and WallCAT, allowing you to create a comprehensive and versatile modular snaking system.