Rat Alfred Coachella Crew 2020 Shirt

Rat Alfred Coachella Crew 2020 Shirt

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Product Description

"The Alfred logo is something that I drew in 1984 while on Black flag tour. And at our old rat shop in Los Angeles at la Brea and 6th. I drew a big one on the front of our rat shop fridge where Brian and I secretly lived in the warehouse. We lost the artwork for about 15 years and then found our T-shirt maker, Kevin still had the original copies.

I remember we used that logo on the Sonic youth dirty tour shirts where I put a knit hat on him and gave him a tattoo of the Sonic youth dirty sock puppet on his arm."
-Dave Rat

With Coachella postponed, we have a bunch o boxes of limited edition cool swag we made for this year's festival.
When Coachella does happen, we will make more new stuff but in the mean time, we figured we offer them up for sale to our friends o the Rats!

Alfred is back! This time, on the back of this cotton t-shirt. 
White print on black material.