SuperCAT - Shielded etherCON Cable

SuperCAT - Shielded etherCON Cable

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Product Description


Built to withstand the rigors of the touring world, SoundTools SuperCAT cables are designed for superior reliability, easy coiling, and superior signal transmission. SuperCAT cables are jacketed in rugged polyurethane that remains flexible and durable even in extreme temperatures, making this a solid choice for shielded Cat5e cable for audio pros and touring professionals.

The pro audio Cat5 cable you need. SoundTools SuperCAT cables are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of live audio environments.
  • Easy to coil and uncoil, lays flat
  • Stays flexible and reliable even in extreme temperatures
  • Shielded etherCON cable rated for CAT5e
  • Available in violet and black
What's the number one thing you need to keep your next gig running smoothly? Most people won't think to say cables, but we at SoundTools know that well-functioning and reliable cables are one of the most important parts of a quality snake run, a great tour rig, or a well-working installation. We field-tested over 20 different brands and connections in order to build what we consider the perfect cable.

SuperCAT cables consist of four twisted pairs of 26 AWG wiring surrounded by a braided shield and flame-retardant polyurethane jacket. We chose the PUR jacket (made from the same material as skateboard wheels) for several great properties: it remains flexible even at extreme temperatures, lays flat, and coils easily. We terminate our cables with genuine Neutrik etherCON connectors that are crimped to a braided grounding for superior durability on the road.

When combined with our other SoundTools products, such as the CAT Box or CAT Tails, our SuperCAT cable acts as a 4-in-1 line to carry up to 4 channels of clear audio and phantom power over long distances. Light, efficient, and cost-effective -- one SuperCAT cable can take the place of four other audio cables. Our cables are covered by our Happy Human Warranty. If you need a replacement during your lifetime, give our team a shout.

Quick Specs:
  • Rated for CAT5e
  • Short twist pitch and high-quality insulation make for safe data transfer
  • Capable of carrying 48-volt phantom power, COM, and DMX
  • 100m lengths come with a cable drum. Call our sales team for the length you need.
  • Terminated with genuine Neutrik NE8MC-B-1 connectors
  • Every cable is tested in house to ensure it meets our quality standards