Click to find an international SoundTools™ distributor Click Here to Buy One Now for $99.00 The Mic Swapper offer two inputs (A and B) and two outputs (1 and 2) and a switch that allows the outputs to be reversed. Use as a main/spare vocal Swapper: Plug the main vocal mic into input A Plug the spare vocal mic into input B Plug output 1 into the main vocal channel Plug output 2 into the spare vocal channel The main vocal and spare vocal can now be swapped at the turn of a switch by the monitor engineer. If the main vocal goes down, turn the switch and the spare vocal will show up in the main vocal channels. The Swapper permits the monitor and house engineers to preview the spare vocal before switching to it. The tubular housing allows the Swapper to be conveniently held in a mic clip on a mic stand. Other uses: To A/B microphones using the 2 inputs and 1 output To A/B channels or mic pre-amps using 1 input and 2 outputs The Mic Swapper utilizes a low noise "make before break" switch though it is not silent and a click or pop may be heard. For most application the pop is not an issue but for critical uses, muting the channels before switching is recommended Built rugged in the USA. 5’ cable fan (2x Male XLR connectors, 2x Female XLR connectors). Machined aluminum with the full SoundTools™ guarantee     READ THE CHURCHTECHARTS REVIEW OF SOUNDTOOLS™ HERE