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Mic Adaptor
The Audix to Shure mic adaptor allows you to quickly and easily mount an Audix wireless capsule on a Shure wireless handled transmitter. Thread your capsule over the gold contacts and slide switch. Then thread your handheld transmitter to smooth PCB at the bottom. We advise turning your microphone equipment off during the initial setup.

Built at Rat Sound Systems in Camarillo, USA
Allows popular Audix wireless capsules like the OM7(T367-CA), OM6 (T366-CA), OM5 (T365-CA), and OM3 (T363-CA) to mount to your Shure wireless handheld transmitters

Works with all Line 6 handheld transmitters as well as all Lectrosonics HH & Electro-Voice REV/RE2 Pro transmitters

When using a Line 6 handheld transmitter move the slide switch to the Line 6 tab on the top of the PCB before threading the capsule

Fully supports all Shure Performance Gear, PGX, SLX, ULX and UHF-R systems with the exception of the Shure Axient

Designed to blends seamlessly with the capsule and the transmitter

Constructed from anodized aluminum to avoid rust