QSC DSP 322ua

QSC Audio Products, Inc. - QSC DSP 322ua

Code: 741853



Product Description

Network Audio System, 8 Universal Mic/Line Input, 8 Analog Line Level Output
QSControl.net, QSC's next generation network audio system, achieves seamless integration of the company's control, processing, and monitoring technologies. QSControl.net brings together QSC's digital, power amplification and loudspeaker products into a unified system that enables the user to administrate it all via a fully integrated graphical user interface. The new generation DSP devices are designed to operate under the company's QSControl.net platform. DSP 322ua meets the processing needs of demanding audio systems. Controlled over an Ethernet network using QSC's venue manager software, this newest generation of DSP devices are fully configurable. Storing up to 8 signal flow design configurations with nearly unlimited snapshot parameter recall, the DSP 322ua can fit any application. And with all data stored in the device memory, files can be uploaded from the unit to multiple computers without complications. Through QSControl.net, QSC's BASIS and next-generation RAVE and DSP products can be networked together and controlled from single software interface. In addition, multiple networked computers can be set up to control and monitor all of the units simultaneously. Users of most other configurable DSP systems are familiar with a variable latency inherent in the processing configuration. Add more processing blocks and also add delay. QSC's DSP engine is unique in having a short and fixed processing latency through the DSP subsystem. When the A/D and D/A converters are included, the total analog-to-analog latency of a single unit is negligible 2.354milliseconds. QSC's fixed latency DSP is configurable DSP that stays fast and predictable from one configuration to the next.