QSC GP212-sw

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Product Description

Rectangular Dual 12-inch 4th Order Band-Pass Subwoofer, High Performance
GP212-sw is premium, high-performance, rectangular dual 12-inch 4th order band-pass subwoofer designed for ground stacked use in touring or installed concert applications where space constraints or enclosure size are an issue. With an impressive combination of punch, low-frequency extension and musical accuracy, the GP212-sw is an ideal companion for QSC's acclaimed WideLine series as well as other professional sound reinforcement systems. For suspension in permanent installations each GP212-sw subwoofer comes with total of six (6) threaded M10 inserts. For ground-supported applications, the subwoofers may be stacked horizontally using their interlocking feet and recess features machined into the enclosure's top panel. A screw-in (M20) pole mount has been added to provide flexibility in use with small 2-way pole mount full-range speakers. The extremely musical yet powerful performance of the subwoofer is the result of carefully balancing the transducer selection, cabinet volume and port tuning. The resulting system offers plenty of punch while maintaining ample extension so the musically important and satisfying fundamentals are solidly and accurately reproduced. The enclosure of the GP212-sw is constructed of premium quality birch plywood finished in an environmentally friendly, waterborne, polymer finish that stands up to life on the road while also being field repairable. Extensive internal bracing is employed to eliminate acoustic losses due to panel resonance. Further contributions to cabinet rigidity come from vent walls constructed of the same plywood as the enclosure. Despite extremely large amount of air moving in the ports, careful attention to detail has resulted in a system that is free of port distortion chuffing. Ample port area allows massive amounts of air to move freely with minimal turbulence. Like its flyable brother, the WL212-sw, the GP212-sw subwoofer's sonic performance and output capacity to size ratio are second to none. For those who only need the exceptional sonic performance, without the need for expensive rigging and flying capability the GP212-sw gives the exact same sonic impact as the WL212-sw, but for a more economical price tag.