QSC Audio Products, Inc. - QSC CMX800V

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Product Description

450W 2-channel Professional Power Amplifier
The CMX800V new CMX series professional power amplifier is a rugged power amplifier designed to meet the needs of system integrators. The CMX800V may be used in either stereo or mono mode. Efficient class H output sections on the CMX800V reduce AC current draw and cut down on waste heat. It power range from 300 to 800W per channel at 4 Ohms. It is based upon the proven, rock-solid, reliable performance found in the award winning RMX series. The CMX feature sets are designed for wide-ranging application in facilities such as performance halls, houses of worship, sports clubs, gymnasiums, dance venues, pubs and FGM/BGM systems. The CMX series provides unmatched performance, the right power for the job and an affordable price point. CMX amplifiers incorporate everything QSC has learned in more than forty years of striving to deliver worry-free operations without failures. The design of these amplifiers starts with our world-class power supplies. The CMX uses a powerful, high-current toroidal transformer and filtering to ensure generous energy reserves. This allows the amplifiers to effortlessly handle high-level transients, even when driving abusive 2 Ohms speaker loads. The amplifier output sections feature rugged class AB and class H architecture depending on power level. All CMX amplifiers are protected from damage from shorted outputs. Automatic current limiting protects the amplifier from damage until the short is corrected. CMX amplifiers also feature DC protection systems to prevent loudspeaker damage in the unlikely event of an output transistor failure. DC voltage from the power supply is never passed directly to your speakers, even in the event of an output circuit failure. The CMX amplifiers deliver true and accurate studio-quality sound. A full complementary output circuit using high-grade linear output devices generates accurate, flat-frequency response with low distortion. SMT (surface mount technology) triples small-signal component density, enabling high power output in a 2 rack unit chassis. Unlike other designs, CMX output devices are directly mounted to the heat sink for optimum thermal coupling and cooling. For installations requiring a transformer isolated output, the CMX has optional accessories to cover your needs.