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Here is a list of answers to common questions we receive on a regular basis

Question: "My country does not appear on the drop down ship to and bill to information when creating an account. Why not?"
Answer 1: There are some countries we just do not ship to due to fraud, postal theft and other problems. If your country is not listed as an option, then unfortunately we are unable to ship to your destination country. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Answer 2: Some brands (Shure, Sennheiser and several others) we absolutely do not ship outside the USA.

Question: "My tracking number does not show any details or movement. Where is my order?"
Answer: USPS tracking services are nowhere near the capability of other carriers like UPS or Fedex. In fact, many times the tracking number will show no movement even after the package has been delivered. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. USPS is still a reliable carrier for international orders.

Question: "It has been XXX amount of days and my international order still has not arrived. Where is my order"
Please keep in mind the USPS Priority mail 6-14 day delivery ETA is not a guaranteed delivery date. Delivery dates can be affected by weather conditions, political unrest in the destination country, natural disasters, customs delays and other factors outside the control of Rat Sound Sales or USPS. Thank you for your patience.

Question: "My postal service/customs agent has notified me that my order is ready to pickup, but it will require payment of XXX amount of dollars before they will release my order to me! I've already paid for my order, what's going on!"
Answer: Rat Sound Sales and/or USPS have no control whatsoever in regards to international taxes and/or tariffs that may be required by your local customs agency. Please contact your local customs agency, postal service or department of commerce to find out what taxes/tariffs may be required by your countries customs agency. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Question: "My new Rat Sniffer/Sender unit is displaying all red LED's when powered on. It even has all red LED's when the Rat Sender is directly connected to the Rat Sniffer! My Sniffer/Sender kit is bad!"
Answer: Our apologies for the inconvenience. Sometimes the Rat Senders gets thru QA with the battery in backwards which can cause the LED's to be all red. Please unscrew the end cap of the Rat Sender and reverse the battery for correct operation.

Question: "Is Rat Sound Sales affiliated to Rat Sound Systems, the touring sound company?"
Answer: Rat Sound Sales is the secure ecommerce web store of Rat Sound Systems, Inc. and is owned and operated by Rat Sound Systems, Inc.